Panic to Presence

13699948_10210184550996622_3166055829123882578_nAimee Phlegar is a Neuro-Nutrient Therapist, Reiki Master and Life Coach. She empowers women to reclaim their personal power and access their divine gifts so they can live their purpose.  If you are sinking in suffering, stuck in fear, panic, overwhelm, anxiety and the like, Aimee can help you release this suffering and reclaim your personal truth.

With her 3 phase program, she will take you from Panic to Presence, Presence to Power and Power to Purpose™. 

Aimee will support you in releasing the acute issues you are dealing with now, helping you find self-acceptance and inner compassion. She will then move you to realigning with your personal truth and help you come back to your personal power. Finally, you will reclaim that truth and awaken in your own empowerment and evolve and align with your true purpose.

We will start by having a brief exploratory session to see if this work is appropriate for you at this time. If you would like to set up an appointment please click on the button below. It is a complimentary session. Looking forward to talking with you! 


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