Neuro- Nutrient Therapy

Neuro- Nutrient Therapy

Neuro- nutrient therapy is an innovative model for treating mood and dependency problems combining nutrient therapy and  biochemical re-balancing programs along with more conventional methods and modalities. 

I have guided many people with eating issues, mood problems, and addictions back to health and well-being through pioneering work with targeted nutrient therapy and biochemical rebalancing. I have found that all three of the above conditions originate from the same kinds of biochemical imbalances and respond to similar nutritional repair strategies.

Neuro- nutrient therapy is a natural solution to anti-depressants and many other medications that traditionally do not solve the problem, only band-aid the symptoms. I have personally suffered with many issues you are dealing with today and can honestly tell you from personal experience that this is an amazing and almost miraculous way to deal with these issues. It is definitely not mainstream, but should be. My goal is to help as many people as possible through this natural method to cure mood disorders, addictions and other related issues. 

If, like most of my clients, you have trouble in more than one of the areas that I target, don’t worry. I am used to addressing several issues at once.

Please contact Aimee today to schedule a FREE Empowered Life Strategy Session and  begin your path to health and wellness!


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