Personalized Nutritional Coaching

What do you want to change? Do you want to lose weight or feel more energetic? Do you want to lose the sadness, fatigue and anxiety that make living at times seem painful? OR do you want to feel less burdened by the toxins of life? Come explore and experience many different treatment modalities that  can help you achieve these goals in a natural, safe, effective way.

My goal is to educate and empower you so you can make the best health and wellness choices for the rest of your life. Your most precious resource is your mental and physical health. Let me teach you how to take care of, or even enhance these important resources.

We will solve the underlying causes of food cravings, carb addiction, emotional overeating and other eating and dieting disorders. We will discover what keeps you eating unhealthy food and fix these issues naturally and safely.

We will also create natural solutions for depression, anxiety and any other mood disorders. There are safe and effective, natural, ways to correct mood chemistry deficits. I can determine which neurotransmitters are deficient by using detailed symptom profiles.

I am happy to share my story on my path to wellness as I went through many of the issues you are experiencing today. Please read about it HERE.

In addition to providing customized supplement programs and nutrition plans that identify and eliminate any mood impairing foods, other therapies may be recommended (ie: exercise, stress reduction, meditation, etc)

Through personalized one on one coaching and any other modality of therapy deemed necessary, we can get you to your goal of extreme health and wellness!! All recommendations and programs are tailored to you and your needs specifically.

Schedule a FREE Empowered Life Strategy Session with Aimee today!

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