Food Addiction and Emotional Eating

Solve the underlying causes of :

  • Food cravings
  • Carb addiction
  • Emotional overeating
  • Other eating and dieting disorders

What keeps us eating unhealthy foods?

  • Weak will power? No
  • Psychological problems? No
  • The wrong low-calorie diets? No
  • Addictive Foods? Yes
  • Low-Calorie Diets? Yes
  • Appetite Chemistry Deficits? Yes

Some foods contain elements that are literally as addictive as alcohol or hard drugs! Sugar is one of those. I can help break these addictions easily, safely and naturally.

LOW-CALORIE DIETING has a 97% failure rate!

Yet it has been our only weapon against our ever-increasing weight problem. More than 80% of those who start weight-loss programs drop out for two reasons:

  1. They can’t stop eating high-carb foods, or
  2. They can’t lose weight, even though they stick to their diets.

After years or decades of yo-yo dieting, many who come to me have severe nutrient deficiencies that have led to ever-increasing rebound cravings and weight gain AND significant mood and health impairment. They need to be cured of dieting!


Low-cal diets, skipped meals, carb/sugar excess, purging, over-exercise, and too much stress, deplete our brains’ most potent appetite-and-mood-regulating neurotransmitters: serotonin and endorphin. This triggers craving for drug-like sweets and starches for temporary comfort. Brain-targeted nutrients called amino acids can quickly cancel these problems.


The eating issues that I  help our clients overcome very quickly:

  • FOOD CRAVING – Eliminated
  • WEIGHT GAIN – Halted
  • GUILT – Evaporated
  • WHOLESOME, MODERATE EATING – Becomes Enjoyable and Satisfying!

When your initial visit is complete, you will have a unique program designed for you. You should feel YOUR FOOD CRAVINGS and OVEREATING DISAPPEAR WITHIN 24 HOURS after starting the amino acids and other nutrients recommended for you. Your weight gain will come to an instant halt as a result. Soon after, you will begin noticing and appreciating the positive things about yourself and your life, and enjoy formerly boring, healthy foods.



Step One

Set up an initial telephone consultation

Step Two

Visit with me in person or by phone for an intensive assessment. You will leave with an individualized program of nutrient supplements and a pro-recovery diet. Your counseling and other recovery support elements will be laid out as well.

Step Three

Check in by phone for daily progress monitoring and any needed program adjustments during week one.

Step Four

Set up (and keep!) weekly consultation appointments so that I can:

  • adjust your program as needed
  • monitor your progress
  • train you in how to sustain your own addiction cure permanently.

After the first twelve weeks, I’ll have less frequent contact with you, but I’ll continue to support you for as long as you need me. 

Set up your FREE Empowered Wellness Strategy Session with Aimee today!

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